The days in Prague on the first leg of the trip past very quickly.  My flat was well located with a great view, but the bed was a little less accessible than I had hoped.  I was proud of the way I was managing that until I saw part of the frame separating.  I guess it was good I was moving on.  It is a city filled with such beauty but also such tragedy.  It isn’t too often that a street beggar brings a tear to my eye, but the one I photographed subtly before offering some help did.  If you have a weak stomach, don’t look to closely.

The pictured opera house was the scene of the earliest performances of Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro in December of 1786.  Of course, by this time the Tyn Church was almost 400 years old, and this market was 500 years old.  Other pictures are just a reminder that one should always look up when walking through the streets of Prague.