Sunday brings the added joy of being with brethren in Litomysl who are not able to attend the study session in the village. Some of these connections go back 25+ years. It’s a family reunion on an amazing level. Even with extra chairs brought out, there was almost no space free.  We praised and celebrated together our Lord, and I was privileged to speak a couple of times during this.  We had several visitors which was not only encouraging, but helped me to preview the lecture I was to do in Brno the following evening.  The response was gratifying in that the visitors said they were challenge to think about a message of how those who self-identify as Christians might achieve unity.

After services, we traveled back to the village for a quick but great lunch followed by our final group study.  I didn’t bother to try to count the hours spent in the word, but know it was wonderful.  When all was done, we said our farewells, scheduled studies with the college kids in Prague for the following week, and went to the train station together.  They for Prague, and I for Bratislava.