Bulgaria is a hard country.  It is almost third world.  Tonight as I walked home I saw a pack of the wild dogs that roam the streets.  The female was in a “family way.”  The loud and dangerous situation this created reminded me a lot of what life is like for the people here.  The strongest and those with few scruples do well.  Most of the rest struggle.

I had the opportunity to visit with Savella in her home today.  it was the first time I had met her father.  He is a veteran of the Eastern Front in the Second World War.  Savella had a smile of her face when I left and told me the visits we had over the last few days really helped, but she is having a very difficult time.  She needs prayer from all and attention from those who know her.

Biss and I managed to spend a little over an hour together this evening.  The good- byes here are always difficult.