The time here has been wonderful, but sadly had to come to an end.  Sunday was the last day here, and it was special.  Of course, it began with the trip to Litomysl for worship.  The assembly and the class were both encouraging.  The men who led various aspects of the gathering were thoughtful and well prepared.  We had some visitors, and I don’t know all of the members well, but I’ve known some some of the folks for about 25 years.  As I stood and began to speak, reflecting on their faith brought a joyful lump to my throat.  

After the service, we traveled back to Marek and Pavela’s for lunch.  It was even tastier than it looked.  The sauce with more of the mushrooms we gathered surely helped with that!  After lunch Marek drove Kuba and I to the train station in Pardubice.  Wow, that brought back some memories!  The train ride gave the two of us the time to have the kind of serious discussions our longstanding relationship allows.  He is truly an extraordinary young man.