I met with Emese to give her the funds for building the restroom for Maria. We met on the edge of the city.  Fear of violence in the political demonstrations had the city on edge.  Police in huge numbers from others areas were brought in.  They had riot gear, tear gas, deluge guns, etc.  The show of force seemed to take the heart from those bent on conflict.  One fascist type group I got to see reacting to it all seemed to take some satisfaction from the tumult the fear had caused.  I’ll throw in a few pictures.


The trip to Chisinau went well.  I had time to get a Moldovan sim card before the lecture.  That will save Serghei some money.  The lecture went well.  I’ll include a group photo.  We leave early in the morning for Transnistria.  We have a group study with the church in Bendari.  They are an amazing story.


I feel like my first days here were well spent, but it sure was nice to realize I would be spending consecutive nights in the same bed.


In addition to the pictures I have already mentioned, I’ll include a couple from the train to Brno and the flight to Chisinau.  I’ll also stick a couple of Brno street scenes in.