After hurried goodbyes, the Novak’s took me to the train station to catch my train to Brno.  Had we arrived 5 minutes later I would probably not have had a seat.  By take taxi I managed to arrive at the place of worship with about 15 minutes to spare.  Vítek Lustyk was passing through Brno and arrived about the same time I did.  That gave me a chance to buy him an ice cream cone on a warm day and visit for a few minutes before we began.

The church there is missing Tomas and his family since their recent move, but has some encouraging things going on.  Jozef’s older son attended as did Jan’s mom.  We also had an older visit who has been coming to the lectures for some time.  Of course, people seeing a teenager like Vitek make the effort while traveling to gather with Christians meant a lot to all of us.