The holidays are a tough time to be away from home and family. Yet again this year I needed to decide between being home or missing one of the most important teaching opportunities I am afforded each year. The opportunity to spend a day teaching brethren who have traveled from around the Czech and Slovak Republics to listen won.

Some have asked what Czechs do for Thanksgiving. While their calendar has no shortage of holidays, this particular American holiday is not one they don’t recognize. None the less, Thursday was pleasant and productive. After touring an art exhibition, I ate supper with Honza at an iconic Prague riverfront cafe known as the Slavia. Since it is across from the National Theatre, it has historically been a hotbed of Czech creativity. Maybe some of that rubbed off. (The pic is one I filched from Google.)

Speaking of food- a favorite topic, I have been blessed this trip to have kitchens in most of the places I have stayed. I get desperate enough for home cooking to eat my own. This Norwegian salmon spinach omelet is one of my creations. Don’t worry, I’m keeping my day job. Much more excitingly, Milka makes ice cream!