“Settling back in” after Bulgaria mean going on the road. I made a trip via bus and train that took me to Jablonec for a few hours of group study on the way to Brno for a weekend. In addition to our worship, we were able to spend time with the group outside of the assembly. This is something we are working on doing more of. In the midst of this as well as the regular weekly studies, we made the final preparations for the summer lectureship. It is difficult to describe how well the week went in every discernible way. The speakers from the States who stepped up last minute to cover some unfortunate cancellations did an amazing job. Jonathan Banning did fine work with our young people as he talked about some basic issues concerning the church. Russ LaGrone did an adaptation of leadership material that he re-worked from 1&2 Timothy that was extremely well received. Nathan Ward’s Esther material is outstanding. We tweaked our workshops in a positive way, and evening speakers from various countries in Europe were a blessing. Few if any left our singings without being truly touched by the experience. In addition to the sessions, our folks spent a lot of time together and found great encouragement in that. At the risk of missing one, I will try to list the countries that were represented; Columbia, Venezuela, US, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Switzerland, Moldova, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Belgium. I am so thankful that though just a few short years ago discontinuing the study was considered, the brethren decided to revamp it and try to continue it. The last vestiges of previous problems have been laid to rest, and the positive aftermath of the week has opened some new doors.

 On the everyday life front, one afternoon of study was supplemented by a mountain bike ride through some beautiful country. The hot weather continues, and we had a violent hailstorm that did our little vegetable garden no good. With winter looming, Nancy and I don’t mind the heat. There is nothing new t report on our residency status.