Just getting to the village for the study was part of the fun.  It gave me an opportunity to travel with four of the finest young people I know.  Our first train was too crowded for me to even bother trying to take a picture.  I’m guessing nearly as many people stood for the trip as had places to sit.  The second leg was more comfortable and it gave us the opportunity to share the sandwiches Katka had prepared for the trip.  The conversation was light, pleasant, and filled with laughter.  When we arrived at a small-town train station about 20 minutes from the village, Marek was there to drive us the rest of the way.  Pavla, who once again should win “hostess of the year” had prepared a wonderful meal.  It included a very rich mushroom soup prepared with mushrooms from their forest, homemade sweet pickles, dark bread and homemade pate. By the time we finished the meal, it was about 7:30 in the evening, so that gave me about 30 minutes to settle in before beginning the first of two sessions for that night.