Settled in life is good.  My schedule called for a train trip on Wednesday.  I’m almost always thankful for that.  While the trains and stations have evolved dramatically over the last 30 years, the joy of the travel has not.  Westernization is catching up as the trains post signs with warnings like, “children, don’t run on the train.”  Back I the day, they seemed to know this or learned quickly. The small, but historic spa town I visited is absolutely beautiful.  The weather feels more like late spring than early fall.

The 5 studies amazing variety of topics and depths, over the last couple of day included being with the Vkcek family.  Watching their kids grow is a joy I don’t know how to describe.  In addition to our time looking at the scriptures, we had a great meal, serious discussion about the Czech work, and wonderful visit.  The kids, 5 and 8, who call me uncle, are delightful.  Ondrej took over the IPad for a bit and took my picture.  I’m posting that as proof of presence and as a basis for having taken their pictures.  The trip to their flat of a little more than an hour, (despite its quaintness, Prague is a city about 1.5 million people.) provided glimpses into the normal commute of typical people going from the center back into the modern suburbs.  Life is so much easier now, but the non-ADA ramp is a reminder of the differences that we would notice.