The journey continued on Friday as the Czech Rail Service carried me to Bratislava, Slovakia.  I had enough time that decided to walk the 3 miles to the hotel.  It was a good day for it.  After settling in, I took off for the Eurovea Mall on the Danube to meet Lucy.  Walking along this heart of Europe river always thrills me as as reflect on the role it has played in European history.  The Mall area was beautifully decorated for Christmas.  It was nice to see miles out enjoying the evening together.  I was surprised to see that a county that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving does “celebrate”  Black Friday.

Lucy and I spent about three hours together catching up and discussing her life in Slovakia.  Before we parted, we had figured a group study for me to participate in next week as I pass back through.  The day ended with me walking through soaking up the sights and sounds of the old city at night.