John Gentry passed along the following information-

I pray you are well.  I wanted to pass along some information concerning terrible flooding in Moldova (a country in eastern Europe, just east of Romania) and petition you for prayers on behalf of the Moldovans, especially the brethren there.  Serghei Corcimaru (a local preacher) said they are experiencing the worst flooding he has ever seen.  He said the Dnestr river is up 20m (21.88yd or 65.64ft).  As a result more than half of Tiraspol is under water.  Portions of the retaining wall do not look as if they will continue to hold, meaning even more flooding in the Dnestr valley.  Ina (the elderly, white-haired lady in Benderi) has some family whose “country home” is flooded with water above the height of the windows.  In Chisinau, two people drowned in the street yesterday.

 Again, please pray for the Moldovans and especially our brethren in the cities of Chisinau, Balti, Benderi, and Tiraspol.