I spent the whole day Monday traveling back to Prague, but was up and running again on Tuesday. I spent most of the day with Honza and his family. He had spent a week thinking about our last meeting and had another series of ideas and questions he wanted to bounce off me. After some discussion he suggested we go visit a family who had been a part of the church in Prague several years ago. Though they were not home, I was thrilled that he had the idea.

On the way back to Prague we stopped at the village of Lidice. (Google it.) this was the first place Nancy and I lived in Czechoslovakia 24 years ago. It still exists in spite of Hitler’s effort to wipe it from memory. 82 Czech children he had sent to the gas chambers are remembered there in bronze.

On Wednesday I met with one of the first people we baptized in Prague so many years ago. Both he and his wife were warm and kind. They are truly dear friends. For the first time in a long time I believe they are finding their way back to us.