Life is extremely busy and in a good way. Patterns have developed that include many positive things, but it has become settled enough, they almost seem unremarkable. None the less, I know it is important to keep folks in other places abreast of the work. Hopefully, this will help catch up a little from the recent dearth of posts. There has been some really exciting things going on lately.

Our house in Florida is under contract and Nancy is here and settled in.

The winter is dragging along, but thankfully days of bitter cold have been few. It has snowed often, but we have only had one extended period when it stayed on the ground. The days are typically gray and still quite short. However, I did see a welcome sight earlier this week.

Our most recent Brno study was well attended, and the response to our class and workshop on Nehemiah was wonderful. Someone recently decided they needed my iPad more than I, so in addition to losing it, I lost many pictures including those from this study.

Regular studies have settled back in in after the holidays.

Sunday in Prague. Though because of illness and travel we expected a quiet day, it turned out differently. We had some of our members we have not seen in a while as well as some visitors we hope to see more of. Another visitor who has attended several times came and brought his son.

We had our second monthly Prague study. Our numbers took a hit from travel and illness, but it is obvious it is becoming something we will do regularly. We celebrated Nancy’s birthday as well.

We had our first lecture in Prague in a series of lectures the church has decided to invest in doing. When we began, we had only one visitor and the members were visibly discouraged. Within a few minutes we had several more visitors come in, and after a good Q&A session, two of the visitors requested personal Bible studies. I can’t express how exciting that was for all of is.

After a lot of time and energy expended, we have finally located a suitable venue for the Summer Study.