The week is truly flying by. The jet lag was minimal, especially in light of a concussion I sustained the Friday before I left. The work was in full swing on Tuesday. Through Thursday, I had enjoyed about 9 hours of studies/discussions with a mix of Christians and non- Christians covering a range of topics from predestination to abortion. I have also been able to deliver some study materials to people including a book for Honza Novák he will use in connection with his amazing Bible website. Mixed into this is the process of setting up housekeeping for a month and the challenges of dealing with Czech government inefficiencies. I still have not managed to register as a foreigner in the country. Hopefully when I do, they will understand that it was at least in part their bizarre work hours that caused it. I find myself doing a poor job remembering to take pictures. Life here seems so normal that I forget that I need pictures until I begin working on a post. Thankfully, I did remember to take a shot of a coffee shop where I sometimes work. As you can see from a couple of pictures I am posting, it is winter. The accumulation of snow tonight won’t be great, but it does add a beauty to the city.