Sunday was an extremely busy day.  It began with worship in Prague.  In spite of the challenges, it was great to see so many of the folks I have known and loved for so many years.  I cut the sermon by about 5 minutes to be sure I had time to get to the train station for the trip to Brno.  Jan met me at the train station and we had about 20 minutes to visit before their assembly began.   It was great to be with them. One of the highlights was meeting Tomas and Andrea.  This young family was converted as a result of studying with Robert Hondanko, but since they live closer to Brno they worship there.  Following the assembly, we discussed plans for the spring.  Jozef drove me to the train station giving he and I a few more precious minutes to visit before the train back to Prague.  My first meal of the day came at about 10:00 PM, so the next time some says that I don’t look like I have missed many meals I can cite a few examples.