The days run together to the point that I sometimes rely on the dates on photos to remind me of the “where and when.” It was good to be back in Prague on a Sunday with the brethren. We had a great crowd, I picked up a new study, we had a potluck after our assembly, and by request Honza and I talked about our trip and did a presentation.

An unexpected and special opportunity arose that coincided with a couple of classes being postponed here. I found out that a group of Americans that included some dear friends would be at the Pergamum Museum in Berlin on Friday. This fine museum had a fine collection of Bible-related artifacts, and the train trip was very manageable. I spent a great day with the and saw some things that I have already been able to use here.

The regular studies continue including weekly study with this great young couple who I also roped into helping me put paper on the wall that functions at whiteboard. I was really excited until it quickly filled me reminded me of all the things I needed to do. I worked late into the night just for the pleasure of erasing a few. The new brother I mentioned recently is doing well.

As I type this I am in Brno for Sunday and a lecture on Monday. I came a little early to see Jan and his band perform. Those of you know know him realize is an extraordinary music talent. Reaching the venue by public transportation required about a 20-minute hike down a dark mountain trail, but it was worth it. One of the great things about being here long term is having time to be more involved in the lives of the people.

For a little taste of life, I’ll throw in a few extra captioned pics…

2 Kings 25 tells of Jehoiachin being given a daily food ration while in Babylon. This artifact from Babylon includes his name and the ration.
Winter is coming.
25 degrees outside with the temp on the tram only slightly warmer on the tram, but…
Rush hour on the metro
Thankful for the train/office
Apparently, you can have Black Friday even without Thanksgiving.
The tree went up tonight in Brno.