The short time in Sofia was hectic and fulfilling. I arrived on Wednesday and was able to meet Biss for a while that evening to catch up and plan. Friday, we met with Savella. Her health has improved enough to allow her to begin teaching again. Thankfully her father’s health also seems to have stablized. On Saturday we made the trip into the mountains to Toros. Joto had rented a tiny restraunt for a couple of hours for a lecture. About a dozen attended a lecture on understanding the church. Given the difficulties Joto has faced in the last few months, I was very well pleased with the turnout. After the lecture, we visited a while and discussed the work there.

Immediately after arriving back in Sofia, we met with Savella again for a discussion. Thankfully Aaron found a job, but it made it difficult to spend time together. After this meeting, Biss and I met with an older man named Christoff. He preaches for another Church of Christ in Sofia. He had invited me to speak there and wanted to get acquainted.