After being prevented by visa issues for so long, a trip to Sofia finally happened. It was great to be with the brethren again. In addition to teaching opportunities, we enjoyed time together socially. Sadly, the church there lost a dear sister who had a stroke. She was an extremely sweet and positive person. The weather was beautiful though there was still snow on the mountain. There was a fascist party demonstration in my neighborhood, but it was generally ignored.

Spring is slowly coming to the Czech Republic as well. We had a “Brno Study” on Saturday that was well attended. We spent the day talking about God bringing order to chaos as a Biblical theme. The weather has been nice enough to take some studies outside. We had visitors at our worship on Sunday, and people visited for almost an hour after the assembly concluded. We are rapping up the final preparations on the summer studies. My old football team asked me to pitch in a little with the coaching as they have dealt with the health issues of their regular head coach. If I look cold in the picture, it is because we had a cold front come through and it was sleeting during the game.  Sunday in Brno was encouraging despite the fact we had some folks out because of illness. It has bene a brutal winter for illnesses. The series I had been doing on Jonah concluded. I reworked my presentations to try to make it a little more engaging for the kids. That was rewarded. I have begun a new small group study that seemingly materialized out the of the blue. It has been a busy and productive month.

 For a small taste of life here- ride a bus with 113 of your friends in Brno. Or, take a tram through a tunnel and pretend that is a subway. (That’s a running joke between Prague and Brno.) Yes, we have contributed to Czech cuisine. On a serious note, as the invasion of Ukraine drags on, people here are still focused on the horrors of that war and the threat Russia poses for this country.