I arrived back in Prague on Wednesday.  When I arrived at the “hole in the wall” hotel I had booked, they had a surprise for me.  They had decided to upgrade me to a “sister hotel” at no extra cost.  To my amazement, I wound up in an extremely nice hotel in Old Town Square.  I have no idea why they did it, but I have included a couple of pictures of and from the room.

I arrived in Brno the day after I left Sofia. Mirka had made a three hour drive with her two small children so we could visit.  We were able to spend several hours together.  I’m attaching a couple of pictures of her delightful children.  The visit was pleasant, but I don’t see her making any changes in the near future. 

On Saturday, Jozef and Petra invited Jan, Han, and me over for a cookout.  The Fojt’s didn’t get to stay very long, but Jozef and I were able to have some great spiritual discussions.  That was the first time in a while we have had the chance to do that.  I’m including several shots from that evening.  I’m also including a couple of shots of a crew rebuilding a street in Brno.  Talk about labor intensive and time consuming!!