The “Brno Study” was actually in Brno on Saturday.  It moves back there couple of times a year.  The location paid an immediate dividend by allowing a family from the church in Martin, Slovakia to attend.  Overall the turnout was good with folks coming from a variety of cities.  I changed the format a bit this time, and the change was very well received.  As usual, I lectured during the 1 ½ hour period before lunch.  After lunch rather than following the same format I divided the group up into smaller groups to work on a textual assignment.  At the end of the allotted period, a spokesperson for each group shared the results of the work.

It was wonderful to watch them work together as men and women, adults and kids, and brethren from different congregations.  The presentations were lo very good, and I got a lump in my throat as I watched a teenage boy I have known all of his life make the presentation for the last group.

The Czech spring weather allowed the children to play and the adults to visit outside for another hour or so after the study.  The farewells were warm and sincere among these brethren who love and rely on one another so much.

To add a little local color, I’ve included a night shot from from hotel room window in Brno as well as a shot of a bread bin before I attacked it.