The trip from Bratislava wasn’t pleasantly uneventful.  The train allowed me to get some needed work done.  Upon arriving in Brno, I made my way to a hotel where they smile and greet me by name when I walk in the door.  I had time to eat, go to the gym, and review my notes before time for the lecture. I always enjoy a walk through the main square.  On the way to get some food, I saw some old friends who must feel they are holding the weight of the world on their shoulders.

We didn’t know how many to expect for this lecture.  We didn’t have the resources we have had for others to advertise, and the topic- “Finding Unity Among Believers” didn’t seem as attractive as some of our other topics.  We were pleasantly surprised by both the turnout and the response to the material.  We had about 16 visitors, most of whom were at our lectures for the first time.  The Q&A was lively but positive.  There will follow up studies with some of the visitors.  After we finished, Jan and I had a little while to visit before we parted ways.  Brno is another place where I never have enough time.