I wish the whole lecture thing was a science with a predictable formula, but alas it surely is not. When we show up at the venue and begin setting up, we are always filled with curiosity about who will show up. It isn’t simply the numbers, though that is a huge part of it. It is also the interest and seriousness of those who come. Tonight in Brno was no exception. The situation was made much more challenging by the fact Jan was preparing to bury his father tomorrow even as he tried to focus on translating the lecture.

While it is not a science, there are some discernible patterns. We felt good early on. By the time we began, we were as exhilarated as the somber circumstances would allow.   
Approximately 20 visitors had gathered. While excited, we were not too surprised. The topic was one that visitors had suggested six months ago. It was an archeology lecture that would incorporate the alleged claims of Ron Wyatt. Among those attending were not only the newest Christians, but two other people who appear to be very close to the kingdom.

The lecture itself lasted about 70 minutes, and the people seemed surprised it was ending. After a lively half hour of Q&A, several of the people stayed around visiting and asking additional questions as we gently worked them out of the rented hall in which our time had expired. A lot on contact info was exchanged, and several people asked to know when I would be back for the next lecture. I have done many lectures here, but I don’t remember one that was more encouraging.

With some hesitation, I will post a couple of pictures since that is what I do on the blog.  Unfortunately, the lightning from both front and back is poor and I am otherwise engaged.  These were from the period during which folks were still filing in.