When the church in Brno asked me to do a lecture on the Historical Jesus, we were all very unsure of what to expect.  So many variables factor into how many people will show up that we have given up on trying to guess unless we happen to have found what seems like a can’t miss topic.  Though we felt pretty good about the topic, none of us saw it as can’t miss.  None the less, they worked really hard in preparing and advertising it.   The anxiousness of wondering if people were receptive to the topic was short-lived.  The first guests came about 15 minutes before we were scheduled to begin and continued coming.  Jozef counted about 20 visitors, all but two of whom stayed not only for the 70 minute lecture but also for much of the Q&A at the end.  After more than two hours, Jan finally had to announce to the still large number that our allotted time for the room had expired.  All of the free material had been taken, a lecture topic for the next time had been requested, and several people let very detailed contact info.  The Christians were euphoric.  It was probably the best turnout we have had in more than a decade.