I traveled in Brno this morning by train.  On the way I was able to chat with Honza Novak about raising children.  The two Russian ladies in my compartment understood enough English to be amused.  The trip was pleasant and afforded me the chance to make final preparations for the lecture tonight.  After finding my accommodations I wished I had looked at a topographical as well as a street map of the city, but the room is clean. 

I met Jan and Jozef for a few minutes before the lecture.  When we got to the rented room, we were surprised to find that a small group of visitors had beaten us there.  We had a total of 9 visitors.  Most of them stayed for the hour long lecture and for the hour long question and answer period at the end..  At that point we had to apologize and send them home since the room was only rented for two hours.  Needless to say, it was a good night.  Probably the most touching aspect of it was the fact that two elderly members attended.  To do this, 87 year old  Mr. Matousek and his wife traveled about an hour by foot and bus to get there.  The last bit of their trip involved navigating 30 steps.  They came in with a smile and a determination to do their part to talk to the visitors.