Some travel issues led to me traveling back to Prague Sunday night and back for the lecture on Monday.  It posed no great hardship, and time train is typically pleasant and productive.  The ride through the countryside is beautiful. (It’s a bit tricky to get good photos at 100 mph.)  The folks in Brno had asked me to do a lecture on some archeological stuff again.  That has proven to be a good type of lecture to attract visitors and provide material to show the reliability of the scriptures.  We have a nice venue, though folks have several steps to climb to get to the room. Once again, their choice was vindicated.  We had 25 or 26 visitors.  This time, most of them were first time visitors.  It seemed to go quite well, and the brethren were very pleased with how it turned out.  One of the visitors was an archeologist, and he wanted to talk more after we dismissed.  He had some good questions, and they happened to coincide with some things I have spent a good bit of time studying.  One interesting dynamic that has developed is that our lectures have come to be known and positively anticipated by some small evangelical groups in the area. I wish I had opportunities to do these lectures more regularly.