A train trip with the entire family brought back a flood of fond memories as well as reminding me that some things like the joy of fresh bread and cheese for a snack, the beauty of the countryside, or the kids picking at each other do not change. 

We had about an hour to wander around the city before heading out to the meeting place. Many of the kids earliest memories are from Brno, so there were certain simple things they wanted to see. We met Jan and his family for a snack before worship. He is a having a very difficult time trying to help care for his ill father. Catching up was great, but it made us acutely aware of how little time we have together. 

Our assembly began with the wonderful news that two people were baptized earlier in the day. (More about that in a separate post.). Fifteen Czechs were gathered to worship. For many of you that number will seem quite small, but for those who have followed the work over the last number of years you will rejoice. Of that 15, 8 were children. After the assembly we walked as a group to a nearby restaurant for a quick supper before our train which got us back to Prague at about 11.