On Tuesday I traveled to Bratislava to meet with Lucy.  Upon arriving at the train station, I was reminded of a basic cultural difference between The CR and the States.  After lugging my stuff from the hotel to the platform, I decided to rest by sitting on the back of one of these toy trucks used to load and unload trains.  Not only wasn’t there a sign telling me I couldn’t sit there, but also when the driver came out to use the truck she didn’t even glance at me before taking off with it.  She trusted me to have enough sense to get off.

Spring was in full glory in Slovakia.  As I walked to where I would meet Lucy, I noticed the vine covered buildings and wished it was a little later in the season.  As I waited for her at the Eurovea Mall, I was able to sit outside and watch the people relaxing along the Danube while I enjoyed some Mango-Mint Lemonade.

When Lucy arrived, we were able to spend a few hours together catching up, discussing various spiritual issues, and getting an update on the situation in the church in Bratislava.  It was all encouraging and though the trip was lengthy, it was worthwhile.