After traveling 9 hours by a combination of car, plane, L- train, subway, train, trolley bus, and by foot, I arrived safely back in Bratislava. After settling in I decided to walk to the mall for some food. As I walked, I became aware of a man walking closely behind me but not passing me. I was curious as to why until we came to a stop light. He was using a cane. I decided that I was tired from my trip. While out I took a few street pictures as well as some shots of the Danube. It is the longest river in Europe, if you don’t count the Volga. It runs from the Black Forrest to the Black Sea. It touches 10 countries, including 3 we have called home. It stopped and Romans and inspired the poets. Spend a couple of minutes looking at some images of it on the internet and you will see why.

The castle, which I can see form my window, is on a site used by the Romans. It helped repel the Mongols in 1241. Maria Theresa used it as a primary residence. It is now the seat of the Slovak government.

It was great to see Lucy. She is doing well. Circumstances at church have improved for her. The combination of conviction and patience she shows is a model well worth emulating. As always, our discussions covered a vast range of topics. She was extremely great flu that I could come and appreciative of those who enable it.