On Wednesday I took the train back to Brno.  It was a fascinating day.  Shortly after arriving I traveled to a small town a few miles from the city for a concert.  Jan is the lead singer in a Blue Grass band that had been invited to perform as a part of the town’s Summer Music Festival.  In addition to enjoying some great music under the blazing sun, I got to meet Jan’s new wife, Hana.  She is a delightful young lady.  We visited during the concert and all ate together afterwards. 

After the meal, I met with a young man that I have known for several years.  He’s an outstanding American Football player.  We played together and I also coached him.  He hoped to recover from ACL surgery in time for next season.  Otherwise, he feels he may miss his last chance to make the national team.  He said that he doesn’t really care about anything else, and, based on family medical history, doesn’t expect to live to be very old.  It broke my heart.  He is extremely well educated and talented.  He has a great personality.  He seemed surprised by some of the things I shared with him from the scriptures.  We are supposed to meet again on Friday.