Arriving in Prague on Monday and then heading out to Brno for the weekend made the time in Prague short. Thankfully, it was productive with several hours of studies as well as some time for me to prepare for some upcoming efforts. Busy days are about to get even busier. Sunday in Brno was good with the lesson being well received as it sparked some good discussion. The crowd was small because of some illness. Afterwards, we worked on finalizing some plans for our series of upcoming lectures. In keeping with the early efforts to provide a little sense of daily life, I am including a picture of what the Czech call “my house on my back” as I move from place to place using various forms of public transport. The trip to Brno involves about 7 hours, round trip, on train. This is both comfortable, affordable, and productive. The Prague Main Train Station has evolved from being a dark, dirty, foul-smelling place into something very impressive. Because of the length of the trip as well as schedules, a stay of at least one night is needed. From the area where I typically stay, the trip to the meeting places involves a few stages that include walking about 200 yards to a tram, a tram ride of about 15 minutes, a bus ride of about the same length, and finally another stroll of about 100 yards. With all of that, it only takes 30-40 minutes.