The group study in Prague Wednesday night small.  In addition to the Morrow’s and Tatana’s mom, only Karel attended.  It was very pleasant as we spent the entire hour discussing various leftover questions form the lecture the night before and how they applied to our present world.  I’ll include pictures of the folks who attended below.


I’ll also include some photos of “street scenes” in Prague.  The man the police were talking to was a beggar with his cane.  It was amazing to see how fast he stood up when he saw the officers coming over.  Such people really compound the difficulties for those who are truly destitute.  As a whole, things are booming in Prague.  I’ll include a shot from one of the many new malls in the city.  The makeshift structure with the sign in Czech is a portable museum dedicated to the memory of those who fought against communism. 


The turnout for the lecture Thursday night exceeded everyone one’s expectations.  As is typical here, people arrived late.  At the announced starting time, the only visitor was a friend of mine the Alligators days.  Within a few minutes however, we had 10 first time visitors.  The discussion was lively and only ended when the two hours we had the hall rented for expired.  I stick in a couple of pictures I took with my phone during the Q&A session.  Finally, these posts are courtesy of the free wifi at my friendly neigborhood KFC.


After the lecture, I went for supper with my old friend.  It was a pleasant discussion, but he is a long term project.


I met with Kamila for a while around noon today to discuss her situation.  It  look like everything is coming to a head.  I’ll see her again on Sunday. 


I was supposed to go to Bratislava today to see Lucy, but the travel plans were disrupted in both directions.  I’ll hopefully go there tomorrow after the “Brno Study.”