So much has happened in the days since the last update, I scarcely know where to begin. The Brno Lecture turned out very well again. The number of visitors was done a little, but we still had 18. It was a cold night with the holidays approaching, s it wasn’t surprising.  I did manage to schedule a study with one of the visitors. He has visiting the last several lectures, so we have gotten to know him.

The Prague Lecture was a little concerning to me as it approached. We have struggled to find the right combination of things to generate visitors, and I feared people were getting discouraged. As it turned out, we had 8 visitors who received the information well, told us they plan to visit the next lecture, and stayed around for a while to talk after we finished. Needless to say, the response was a great boost for our folks.

We have also had another weekend of studies in the village. To say it was cold would be an understatement, but the studies were well-attended, the food was wonderful, and the hospitality impeccable as always.

Tomas and I have figured out a good way to make everything work so we can have some regular studies to help him with questions he is being asked by those he is studying with. Honza provides a meeting place and is a great asset to the discussions.

I don’t usually try to keep up with the number of studies/ hours over any given period of time, but I decided to last week. Sometimes there are just so many opportunities I am blessed with, I get curious. From Sunday through Sunday I had 16 classes/sermons/lectures. Throw in the prep time, and it’s no wonder the week flew by.

It is truly winter here. It has been several days since the temperature rose to above freezing, and even in the city center we have quite an accumulation of snow. Schedules are slowing down as people get ready for Christmas.

Discussing the upcoming lecture in Brno.
Courtyard of the farmhouse in the village.
Marek preparing the online connections for a study that included people from the UK.
There is no study dearer to my heart than this one.
Life here is challenging for the elderly.
16 degrees and still…
Christmas market in Brno.
Prague has one as well.
The market by our flat.