My trip to Bulgaria had a unusual but wonderful twist.  Honza Novak accompanied me.  We arrived on Friday and had a little while to walk around before meeting Biss.  We spent some time looking at archeological sites from the ancient Roman city of Serdica (Sofia).  We saw a Roman road from the first century and two places where Christians met for worship in the 4th century.   Roman Emperor Galerius was in Serdica (Sofia) in 311 AD when he signed the Edict of Toleration ending the Diocletian persecutions.

Later that day, we met Biss for the evening.  It was so wonderful to see him up and walking again. He is so grateful for the prayers on his behalf and requests his brethren continue to remember him as his recovery continues.   Our happy reunion included our spiritual discussions, plans for the weekend, and his opportunity to meet a Christian from another European country.