After a pause, we resumed out weekly class that includes people from across the country as well as a couple of other countries. It was nice to have the group back together again.

As we made our way to Brno, we noticed a marked change in the weather. We hiked up the castle hill where we had a nice view of the monastery where Gregor Mendel did his famous genetic research. It was warm enough that sidewalk cafes are open again. Children were playing in the park in front of our store front meeting place. A couple of guests at the next-door pizza place were using our window edge for their beer as we began our assembly.

The group was small on Sunday because of some folks being out, but it was an uplifting service that included us as well as the Czech family that joins electronically from their remote home in the UK each week. We were able to try out some new lapel mics they bought to improve the quality of our live streaming the lectures.

We were slightly disappointed in the number of visitors we had for the lecture. I suspect it being such a warm and beautiful evening played a role in that. It also indicates how successful the lectures have been that 14 visitors was a bit of a disappointment. (We also had 19 watched the live streaming.) The venue is well located and lovely. It’s the old town hall from the late 1500’s. The material was well received with multiple people requesting a copy of the Power Point, several promising to come back next week, and one man requesting a study immediately after the lecture ended. Now it’s back to Prague in time for the regular Tuesday evening group study later today.

Eating and studying on the train ride home.