The weekend was an example of what makes the work here so exciting and productive. On Saturday we had the Praha-Brno study that was very well attended considering the weather and other circumstances. After morning and afternoon sessions that ended at 2:30, the people stayed until around 4 to visit. We made the trip by car to Zderaz to stay with the Lustykovi’s. The timing was perfect because Marek and I had about 10 minutes to prepare for our study with the Bulgarians in London. Though it was still partially by Skype, Marek and I being together and the time zones corresponding much better helped a lot. Andrey continues his recovery from some recent serious health issues.

Early on Sunday morning, a friend of Marek’s opened an office at city hall to address a paperwork issue we were dealing with. Country folks are great in any country. We then made the trip to Litomysl was the assembly. It was great to see the folks there, the lessons seemed well received. After an amazing lunch back in the village, 13 people and two dogs gathered in the living room for one last study before we headed to the train station for the trip back to Prague.