For many years Christians from across the Czech Republic as well as occasionally from neighboring countries have gathered 5 times a year for a Saturday of intensive study. I have lost count of how many times I’ve been privileged to lead this study. Many times they have arranged the meeting around my schedule.  Saturday was another of these occasions.

We met in Prague in a part of the a building that Honza Novak graciously made available.

It got off to a classic Czech start as we had to hurry in to begin from our time picking up apples together from the garden. We had the best turnout I have seen in sometime.  The mood was positive and the people were hungry to study.  We spent 3 hours working on “Temple Theology.”  The Q&A session lasted until it was finally necessary to cut it off.  It’s always great to see how these brethren from various cities love each other, sacrifice to spend this time together, and treasure their meetings.