I decided I did not need to wait until life calmed down a little to post a few updates. One of the more interesting and exciting opportunities of the past few days came courtesy of Lonnie Fritz. He contacted me about a Ukrainian man who is living about an hour by train from Prague. He is a Christian that the Fritz’s have known for several years from their work in the Ukraine. Lonnie gave me the contact info and requested I reach out to him with the caveat that he doesn’t speak English or Czech. I was happy to make contact, and he agreed to meet. Over a period of a few hours, using a mixture of English, Czech, and what I call generic Slavic, we communicated and established a bond. He traveled to Prague the following Sunday for worship and was well received and edified by him time there. He said that though the communication was somewhat challenging, it was worth it to be with brethren again. His plan is to come regularly for the worship though the trip entails traveling a total of a couple of hours in each direction.