A Special Evening in Prague

Honza Novak met me at the subway station near their new home this evening at 5:45. I should have been an hour earlier, but I made the mistake of thinking I could take a short nap to catch up on some sleep.  I did- about and hour too long.  When he saw me, he smiled and said it didn’t matter.  He had been sitting and reading a book on Christian service as he waited.  As we ate supper together he told me about issues he is facing as his new office construction begins and as he deals with a government minister on a new contract from his firm.  The strength of his convictions is wonderful.  His kids are about the same age as ours, so we have a lot to discuss.  In fact much of the five hours we spent together were devoted to discussing how to raise children as God would want us to.  He and his wife Pavla are working as hard on doing this as anyone I have ever met.