Each time I come, Honza Novak and I find a way to spend most of a day together- often outside of the city.  This is one of the highlights of the trip. He is, without a doubt, one of the spiritual leaders of the church in Prague, and our studies have an impact on the entire group.

On Monday we traveled to a nearby village where he has a business venture.  The hours together gave us time to study and reflect on many things at a leisurely pace, talking as we often do- while doing other things.  His earnestness and practical insights are both challenging and encouraging for me.

We enjoyed a classic village lunch in a vertically integrated shop that included a farm to table process.  As we traveled back to Prague, on a whim we stopped at the memorial to the soldiers who parachuted into their country during WW II to kill Heydrich.  (It is worth looking him up if you are not familiar with the story.) On the way back to his house, we picked up his teenage son from school, and that afforded me the opportunity to spend some time talking with him.

Upon arriving at his house we were greeted by his delightfully hospitable wife, Pavla who fixed supper for us.  Our visit continued for some time before Honza drove me back into the city center.