Saturday night I took the time to walk around Prague for a while.  It’s easily possible to listen to an outdoor classical violinist duo and seek police ticketing a professional beggar in the same area. (picture below).

 I worshipped with the brethren in Prague on Sunday morning Mike does a great job of challenging them to be serious students of the Word.  I was privileged to preach.  We had three visitors from the institutional group.  I’ve included a shot of a couple of the older members during class.

An express train got me to Brno about 30 minutes before their worship began.  I was able to meet the Planetovi family inside the mall just before services.  I’ve included a couple of pictures of their boys getting candy from the “Easter Bunny.”  Their family is doing well in all ways.  Islam has become a major issue in Brno because a controversy over a new mosque.  Seeing Muslims has become much more common (picture below).  The Matousek’s were able to come to worship and Lucy made the journey from Slovakia as well.  Again, I Was blessed with the opportunity to speak.  I’ve included a few photos from the group.

 It was a long, but very encouraging day.  Their appreciation of efforts to help them is both gratifying and very humbling.