I spend several hours today studying and talking with a fascinating brother in Christ. He is a middle- aged Bulgarian man who lived in the states for 16 years. During the latter part of that, he became a Christian. Difficult circumstances resulted in him returning home to a small town about 70 miles from Sofia. He found a group of people there who were assembling as the result of a variety of denominational influences. They are allowing him to try to teach them on a regular basis. The work is challenging and he gets discouraged sometimes, but he is soldiering on. His opportunity provides an exciting opening for the spread of the Gospel here. He will worship with us tomorrow. I encouraged him to set his schedule to allow that. Being with his fellow- countrymen who are mature in their faith will mean a lot to him and hopefully establish a relationship.
This evening I joined Biss, Savella, Aaron, and Dinyu near the National Palace of Culture for some refreshments and a visit. We had a good and enjoyed one another. I couldn’t stop looking at Dinyu and giving thanks for the fact I was able to see him as a free, 84 year old man.