While I’m not trying to post on most of the personal studies/conversations I have, I will share a few reflections. As is always the case, what appears at the time to be a mixed bag of results  is often the case here.  I had a wonderful discussion with one of the brothers here who is still working to hone his skills in teaching others.  This is in spite of the fact he has a wonderful track record of bringing people to the Lord.  Maybe this should inspire us as well.

I also had a much more somber discussion with a lady who, after a number of years of deemphasizing the importance of talking to her daughter about the Lord has now- perhaps too late- decided to work on that.  On other fronts, one door that I had thought had opened seems to have now closed while two others have somewhat unexpectedly opened.  In another case, scheduling issues have hindered discussions that both of us have been working to have.  I believe the lessons here are, in part, to keep pressing, trust in the power of the word, pray for skill in using the opportunities that arise, and care for the people we are privileged t encounter.