The last days have been filled with great opportunities and some wonderful news. I’ve had more time to spend with some of the younger people here, including traveling to a city in the north to watch one of them play a club level basketball game. I also spent a weekend in Brno with the brethren there, as well as spending time with an old friend (not a believer) who is about to have major back surgery. Sunday was a beautiful day that included a cup of tea at an outdoor café before catching the public transportation for worship. Part of the process for preparing for worship was figuring out how to use the swiveling, remote controlled tripod. It’s useful for Skyping with the Czech family who lives in rural England who worships with the Brno brethren each week, but it will also help the recording of our upcoming lecture be much better. I spent this weekend in Prague where our number was small because of so much illness. It seems that everyone in the city has a cold. Finally, I mentioned in a recent update that there was a handful of people here I felt were not far from kingdom.  Honza, from north Bohemia, was baptized last Sunday. He is a schoolteacher with a wonderful heart and a lot of zeal. Tomas has done some great work in teaching him.