Sunday was a truly amazing day that left me worn out, but in a great way.  It began with the assembly of the church in Litomysl.  Seeing people doing well that I have known for so many years is such a joy.  Having around half of the people attending being young bodes well for the future.  I had the opportunity to preach and then later teach their Bible class.

We had a delicious prepared by Pavla when we got home, and then went back to work. The younger kids studied Haggai right after lunch.  The weather was so nice that we took a break after that for the kids to play soccer in the garden.  Around 4 PM, Marek and I studied via Skype with a Bulgarian couple living near London.  We worked on some evidences questions before settling into studying “Knowing God.”  They are a truly impressive couple that I hope to meet face to face.   We took about a 20-minute break before I had a study with the older boys.  By the time we finished it was time for supper.  After we ate, we had one more class and then sang for a few minutes before calling it a day.