After getting back to Prague on Saturday night, the work went back into full-swing Sunday morning. We had a great crowd that morning including some visitors. Robert’s surgery, from which he is recovering well, has given others an opportunity to step up. His son, Thomas, is a great example of one who is. Studies resumed as well, and on Thursday we had a lecture in Prague. As I grabbed a quick bite while waiting on others to arrive, I was struck by the two different cities that are Prague. Away from the fairy-tale old center with its massive crowds of tourists is the other city. It’s where most of the “normal” people live and work. It’s where we do our lectures. We “only” had seven visitors, but they were attentive and appreciative. The conversations lasted after the lecture until we had to move out of the rented room because our time expired. One man said he would visit our assembly. Hopefully he will. Sunday was a long but great day as worship in Prague was followed by lunch and a trip into the mountains to meet with the new group. They are doing well, and we had a very encouraging visitor.