December saw a full schedule despite the holidays. The trip to Brno was especially exciting since the family from the UK has finally moved home. They will be a huge boost. That coupled with a new energy and commitment on the part of another member has thinks looking up there.

As we made our way to the culture house for the monthly Prague lecture, I wasn’t overly optimistic. It was a cold and stormy night. The storms caused the airport to shut down> I expected few people to brave these elements. However, we did have several visitors. Who responded very positively to the presentation.

We were not sure of the holidays would impact our monthly Prague study on the 29th. Apparently, they did. Every family was present at our house for the study and to visit for a while after the study ended. On a different day, Nancy hosted the kids/grandkids from our group to spend an afternoon making cookies. They all really enjoyed that.

With the help of Kris and Katka, we managed to make two more trips to worship with the new group in Jablonec. We have fallen into a nice routine on these days of worshiping in Prague, going for lunch, going to their flat for coffee, and then make the hour drive to this small mountain city. Tomas continues to work tirelessly to make the effort their successful. People who have never undertaken such a task have a difficult time imaging the challenges. On the first of these two visits the room rented was unavailable, so they provided an alternative which was unheated and had only child-sized chairs. Unfortunately, that was Sunday that Tomas had managed to get two visitors to agree to come. Given the circumstances, I think they responded reasonably well.

Our residency status continues to be a challenge. We pick up our cards tomorrow, but the person who was finally forced to approve our applications managed to do it in a way that has our year visas expiring in 4 ½ months. We go back the following day to start the application process over. The worst-case scenario should have us covered through the summer.