As the summer winds down, we have had more time to spend with people on a social level than is often the case. With school starting back, we have placed a special emphasis on time with families with young children. Nancy has been able to take this to another level. Whether its going as a group for ice cream or spending an afternoon at a lake or a day touring a spa town it is bonding that always has a spiritual dimension. Regardless of the location or circumstances, everything comes back to faith. This is a part of the character of brethren here that I truly love and respect.

In addition to our regular studies, I have become a part of a new group study that involves people form a handful of countries. They asked me to participate to do lessons from a small book I wrote a few yeas ago. After a short break, we are also restarting the monthly group study for the Prague folks. We have a new family not part of our group who has decided to join us for that.

Also, we are finalizing plans for our fall public lecture series in Brno and Prague. Given how well this went in the spring, we are excited about what is next. The “cowboy” on the tram pic was just for fun. 🙂

There is not much new of our residency issue. We are still in limbo. However, without getting into the technical and political details, the fact that Austria has stated they will continue to oppose Romania and Bulgaria joining Schengen makes our “plan B” more viable than it looked for a couple of months.