As May ends we are fully back in the swing of normal life. The one challenge we are currently facing is with our residency permit. The paperwork was submitted several weeks ago, but we have not had a substantive response. While our current visas have expired, we are legal based on a “legal fiction” until there is a resolution. We have been told this can drag on for months.

I was invited to spend five days in Turkey in one of the Czech Christians and a non-believing business associate of his. I had been wanting to do this as a part of preparing some classes I had promised to do, so it was a golden opportunity to visit Biblical sites and to do so with people eager to hear more about them. As I get my material organized for the studies, I’ll try to post a few pictures.

After a very short break, our mid-week international Skype class has resumed. We have started a study of 1 John. On Wednesday we had participants from four different countries across Europe. Of course, our other regular weekly studies are continuing. We enjoyed another weekend of study in the village and worship with the brethren in Litomysl before returning to Prague for our most recent public lecture. Because f he beautiful Spring weather we were concerned about turnout. However, we had the largest number of visitors we have had for a lecture in Prague in years. The Q&A that followed was so long and lively that we finally had to end it because of limitations on how long we had the room. I have a new private study starting this week as a result of the lectures.

On Friday we had our monthly group study in our flat, and on Sunday we toured the national Museum with one of the young couples. The view from the top is impressive. My last Brno weekend afforded me a chance to be back on the sidelines for a day with my old football team.  Being settled back in is nice.

Because of some geographical considerations including that our last three baptisms (the last two occurred in the last few weeks) have all come from an area in the north of the country, we have been asked to help with them beginning a new work there. Sunday, after our worship in Prague, we will travel there with a young Czech couple to begin this process