After a wonderful but draining (Spoke for nine different churches in three states.) trip to the States, I’m back home and in the saddle. It was wonderful to get back and see that spring has arrived. We did have a little excitement in our building the first night. I never found out what happened. I got home in time Tuesday for my regular Tuesday class, and left for Brno the next day. The wonders of technology and nice weather made it photo teach the Wednesday Skype class from a park near where I had another appointment just afterwards. It is less common now to see indigent going through the trash, but it still happens. As I walked past the Old Town Hall that evening, I was struck by the beauty of the night. On Thursday we had our final lecture before the summer break. We only had 10 visitors, but a couple of the repeat visitors seem to be drawing closer, and one of the new visitors lingered a while after we finished to talk. After we finished, another man requested a study in the coffee shop across the street. I enjoyed one study on Friday, but am looking forward to a quiet Saturday to catch my breath.